The Gruffalo Dragon Chase Board Game Ages 3+

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The Gruffalo Dragon Chase Board Game Ages 3+ Description

Whoosh and whizz around this beautifully illustrated board game in search of the hidden items. This Dragon Chase board game is based on the popular book Room on the Broom. The idea of the game is to be the first player to collect 4 different spell ingredients , but watch out for the fiery Dragon, he intends to have witch and chips for his tea. Spin the spinner and move your playing piece the number on the blue outside area of the spinner and move the dragon piece the number of spaces on the yellow area inside the spinner. Collect a lily, a cone, a twig and a bone card to help Witch cast her magic spell. Race to the cauldron, throw your ingredients into the witches cauldron and shout out the magic spell ‘Iggety, ziggety, zaggety, zoom! to win the game. This game has strong educational components and helps children learn through social interaction as well as taking turns and co-operation, all whilst having great fun. This game is for 2 – 4 players and suitable for children aged 3 years and up. Box Contains 1 x Game Board 1 x Spinner 5 x play pieces 5 x play piece stands 16 x play cards 1 x Rules

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